Letter from the CEO

I started in the sales and marketing industry in the Greater Boston Area in the summer of 2011 as an intern. I knew what I brought to the table: high energy, a willingness to learn and master what was taught to me, and a passion for the pursuit of excellence in everything I did. I have always believed that where someone is going is far more important than where they’ve been, that ambition is as important as a college degree, that a focused and positive mentality is as important as prior work experience.

Our core values as an organization center upon our most valuable asset: our teammates. We believe in ongoing growth and development on a personal and professional level. We provide world-class training to make this possible. We believe that our leadership team has earned the independence necessary for them to grow, as well as the insight and coaching to help them in the pursuit of their personal and professional accomplishments. We have created a company culture of fun and achievement. We know we are the best at what we do because we prove it on a daily basis. We believe in a people helping people business model, whether client, customer, or teammate. We operate with the highest integrity to ensure that our actions align with our values from day to day, and moment to moment.

I am incredibly excited for the opportunity that we have created here in Columbus. We were founded with a vision of growth, for both our team members and our clients. Our aim is to expand into multiple new markets within the next year, with continuing expansion in years to follow. With our goals in mind, we attack each day with intensity in every aspect of our roles.